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Hello, I'm razzberridust! This journal, as you can see, is friend's only. If you are interested in adding me please read then comment here first.

1. Do not add me before commenting here.
2. If I don't know you already and you wanna go for an open add, having similar interests is very helpful. Music, television, art, anything we have in common and you can be on the list.
3. I'm not forcing you to comment on every single post I make, but if you bother to read and have anything to say on the matter, I'd like to hear your word.
4. Don't add me just for my work. If you want to see my graphics, check candywing.
5. I'm open to several types of people and am extremely tolerant, but I will not tolerate uncourteous jerks.

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Naruto::Sai - Let the silver wind blow.

One after another until it topples to heaven.

+ Man, I feel so exhausted...and I don't even know why. /not important

+ Yesterday I went to exchange the DS lite I bought for a preorder of the DSi XL. Since we opened it we couldn't get full price for it, so my Mom got very pissed. She kept grumbling how WalMart was better than they were on how they'd give full price, yadayadayada. Then we he asked for an I.D. she was literally ripping out all her cards from her wallet as she mumbled "you piss me off". That was very embarrassing. ;; But I did get that preorder, a quick preorder for HeartGold, and 2000 Wii points while I was at it.

+ Speaking of that, I feel so teased right now. HG/SS comes out tomorrow. My flight is tomorrow too...IN THE MORNING. So it's like I can say I have HG/SS, but I won't be able to play it for a whole week. WAHHH. ;__;

+ I spent my Wii points right away. I got Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon Snap, which I am currently addicted with right now. *clings to it*

+ Imma pull on you guys to request icons from me, cuz I'm just that bored.

+ I still gotta pack tonight for my trip tomorrow, and I gotta wake up around 5 in the morning. I could maybe get some online time since my Dad has a computer over there in Kaua'i, but this might be my last entry for now. *hugs you all* ♥
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Hurrn, not again.

+ Your journal has been inactive.
+ We haven't talked to each other for months.
+ I've made a mistake in adding you on impulse.

If you can't see my most recent entry, then you have been cut. If you have been cut and you believe I'm being unreasonable, you can PM me or comment here.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! (All Series) Blog Crew

»»»my heart is with this [★ CLAIMHERE] card

[☆] Comment with a character(s) to claim. Any and all series you are claiming from must be put in the subject line.
[☆] Wait for me to add your name to the list next to your claim.
[☆] I'll comment to you and will confirm your claim plus providing you with your claim code(s).

[◊] You can claim only one character from each series.
[◊] Any character in the Yugioh, Yugioh GX and Yugioh 5D's series are allowed to be claimed.
[◊] Monster card claims are also welcome.
[◊] I just put the main characters to start with. Any characters wanting to be claimed that are not on the list will be added.
[◊] Alternate versions of characters (i.e. the Yamis) are allowed to be claimed and will be treated as seperate from the original.
[◊] All claims can be claimed by up to four users.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Original/DM
Yugi Muto/Yugi Moto - nikil_san
Yami Yugi
Katsuya Jounouchi/Joey Wheeler
Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardener
Hiroto Honda/Tristian Taylor
Seto Kaiba - souslalune
Mokuba Kaiba
Sugoroku Muto/Solomon Moto
Mai Kujaku/Mai Valentine - anohimeliz
Malik Ishtar
Yami Malik
Ryuji Otogi/Duke Develin
Pegasus J. Crawford/Maximillion Pegasus

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Judai Yuki/Jaden Yuki - aphotic
Sho Marufuji/Cyrus Truesdale
Asuka Tenjoin/Alexis Rhodes - ainohimeliz
Jun Manjoume/Chazz Princeton - razzberridust
Daichi Misawa/Bastion Misawa
Edo Phoenix/Aster Phoenix
Kenzan Tyranno/Tyranno Hassleberry
Ryo Marufuji/Zane Truesdale
Fubuki Tenjoin/Atticus Rhodes
Johan Andersen/Jesse Anderson
Jim Crocodile Cook - yokokaru_chan
Austin O'Brien/Axel Brodie - rhodanum
Amon Garam/Adrian Gecko
Momoe Hamaguchi - johanaire
Yubel - aranoki

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Yusei Fudou - illusioncandy : kamui_yamato : nikil_san : digitalstarry SOLD OUT
Jack Atlas - hautalken
Aki Iyazoi/Akiza Izinski - lokcha : bunni_ninja
Rua/Leo - fortuneladyicey
Crow - ruririi
Rex Godwin
Tetsu Ushio/Tetsu Trudge
Kyosuke Kiryu/Kalin Kessler - yokokaru_chan
Carly Nagisa/Carly Carmine - loveshine
Misty Lola/Misty Tredwell


Hane Kuriboh/Winged Kuriboh - bunni_ninja
Black Rose Dragon - lokcha
Injection Fairy Lily - rrraisk1
Stardust Dragon - kojikatsuya

[◊] Don't wanna claim but still wanna pimp? Use one of the codes below!

Original/DM themed:

GX themed:

5D's themed: