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[PUBLIC] Saku and the Sacred Game Sale

Okay guys, I've been planning this for a while. Now that my Mom actually gave the approval I'm gonna go ahead and tell you something that happened to me this past week. . .

Saku gets bored.
Saku wants to do something.
Saku wants to play a game.
Saku wants to play Animal Crossing.
Saku looks for Animal Crossing.
Saku sees that Animal Crossing isn't found.
Saku looks in other DS cases.
Saku fails at finding.
Saku realizes she has lots of games she wants to get rid of!

So with that, I give you the theeee. . . SACRED GAME SALE, which is now open for business! 8D

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All comments are screened. Other than that, have at it! =3
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(no subject)

it was another same day when the sun was shining brither than ever. the birds could never be so preitter when they woke up the kiddies and peolple in the town like rooster. it was a same day in yagami raito's house too.

raito:aww yan good morning world

raito was shcoked to see that his clock had 9 o clock instead of 7 o cloclk like how he wanted. raito always god mad cuz he was gonna miss dave the barbarian again on disney channel. but he got cranky and it was already too late and he didnt have a recorder so he missed it for good NOOOO

raito:noooo i missed my show again damn shows like that im mad now im gonna call ryuzaki and bich at him

he took is pone and called his friend but his mortal enemy and play buddy rzaki

raito:dammit ryuzaki

ryuzaki:wht raito why are you so mad/

that fatso ryuzki was stuffing his mouth again with candy cuz he was sad too,turns out he missed dave the barbarin too.

ryuzaki:oh yeah i have misa misa chan on the linen too

misa:hi guys i was just lifting weights

misa misa thought he could be more manly if he lifted weights but she neverlearend that only people of his other sex could.she tried so hard but she failed again and again and again over again

raito:stop acting so happy misa

misa:whats wrong/

raito:i i i missed dave the barbarin

misa:gasp why - ohc rap

ryuzaki:was wron

misa:i lost my balls

raito:this is a disaster im gonna go watch my soap oopras if things dont getting better

ryuzaki:wel actually my days going fien haha and im getting finer with all this fat swet candy

misa:stop teasing up yu baka i remeber you got in bed with that one girl i think i heard of her beforea she ha s some name that i think wrote this story

ryuzaki:your not teasing me i remeber her she was so hot i bet all the guys wanna screw her

raito:oh yeah you think you day isnt rined ryuzako/

ryuzaki:yeah i oh

raito:tahs right

misa:thats cold man

raito:i was lieing so now i have all your banananas and i can actually watch dave the barbarian right now

misa:and you have my testibles too now/

raito:yes bwahhahahaahahAHAHAHAAAAAAHA

and that was the day the black book called the daeth note fell on the ground in front of raito and he picked it up then misa and ryuzaki died because he killed dave the barbarina and the candy and the balls forever you can't laught nwoa and this girl who wrote hte story won raitos heart and they died together ahashahahahah

but then hanah montana came out this is when the new area begins
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(no subject)

Series: Detective Conan
Theme Set: Beta
Themes in Post:(Update 2- Mar 12, 09) Candlelit, Dress-Up, Take My Chances, Secret Admirer, Fairytale, Awkward, Safe, Trust, Seasons, Lazy, Unexpected, Gift, Freefall, Here and Now, Carry, I'll Be There
Icons in Post: ||(Update 2 - Mar 12, 09) 17
Total: 41/100 (as of Mar 12, 09)


HERE @ nyonyo_icons! =3
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~Death Note Friending Meme~


Death Note. Yup, that beloved intense supernatural dark detective series we all know and love. What if you met someone who also loved Death Note just like you? Maybe they like the same characters or even support the same pairings. Maybe you favor similar fandoms. Figure it out here.

Comment to this post like this:

Oh. And Ryuk will do the macarena for you if you pimp. We STRONGLY encourage it.

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I don't really know what to say in describing why I'm going on hiatus, but life happens. I've got school, I'm in a graphics block, and at the moment I feel like there isn't much to do on LJ. I'll still be on the site and look around, but don't expect too many posts. Don't think badly of me good comrades on my comrade-list! I'll still be alive!

But for now, its a semi-bon voyage. <3 you all!
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Yo kimmu_kelso

Alrighty kimmu_kelso, I finished your request! I'm going to provide you with the code and instructions.

1. Your journal...is it S1 or S2? If S1, please switch to S2.
2. From there, change your theme to one that's in the Smooth Sailing category. Doesn't matter which.
3. Click customize theme. Click the selection on the sidebar that says Custom CSS
4. "Use layout stylesheet" should be selected "Yes" and "Use layout's stylesheet(s) when including custom external stylesheet" should be selected "No".
5. Copy and paste the following code into the box that says custom stylesheet and you're done! [if you need any further instructions please feel free to ask. Also, the original stylesheet is from premade_ljs so please make sure to credit them in your profile]

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RPG Pimping


This planet of ours contains many marvels that never cease to amaze us. Among these is the ocean, and though a mystery, we continuously rely on it to carry innocent people across the vast ocean via vessels.

Like a luxurious cruise ship. One may submerge themselves into delights among the sea without getting a drop of sea water among their person. Such desired enchantments, provided by the sea.

However...this doesn't make the ocean kind.

The ocean rages. The cruise ship shakes. The people panic, including you. The ocean strikes. The cruise ship capsizes. The people sink - including you.

You awaken to find yourself and some of your belongings washed up on shore. You notice other people you recognize from the cruise ship. The ocean has spared your life - or has she?

::Application:://::Taken/Reserved Characters:://::The Island:://::Accepted?:://::FAQ:://::ALIVE - A Naruto AU RPG::